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You have the toughest, most important, job in the world. nTelos Parental Control makes parenting less stressful with Family Locator. This online service allows you to quickly and conveniently know your entire family’s location at all times.

Using location-based technology, Family Locator keeps track of all the smartphones in your account. 

Throughout the day, nTelos Parental Control tracks the general location of your children, and you can see those locations on the website. We take special care to respect both your child's privacy and the battery life of the phone, and as such, we don't monitor exact locations until you request them.

At any time you have the option to "ping" your family member’s current location. nTelos Parental Control captures the current location, using a combination of cellular tower locations and the GPS radio. Although speed and accuracy is dependent on a number of factors, we find most phones return a location within a couple hundred feet in just a matter of minutes.

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